Why am I getting GameChanger Updates from other teams?

Posted by Willow Glen Little League on Mar 08 2016 at 08:48AM PST in Spring 2016

Are you getting GameChanger updates from a team you don’t know?

Due to the way that we use our GameChanger accounts year over year and the fact that our league team names and rosters change each season creates this scenario. This is because at some point in your child’s baseball career, you signed up to follow or be a fan on one of their teams that have now been repurposed.


  • Spring 2016 WGLL Majors Cardinals

historically has also been

  • Spring 2015 WGLL Majors Athletics
  • Summer 2014 Willow Glen LL 10 Yr Old All Stars
  • Spring 2014 Willow Glen LL AAA Brewers
  • Spring 2013 Willow Glen Little League Majors Blue Jays

This means that if you were a follower of the Spring 2015 WGLL Majors Athletics, you may now be receiving notices about the Spring 2016 WGLL Majors Cardinals.

How do I stop getting these updates?

You will need to “unfollow” the old teams you are no longer interested in following. We as a league do not have the capability to remove you from being a follower to a team. This can only be done by the user as they are the ones who created the connection with GameChanger. Therefore, you need to either click on the “unfollow” link in the email of the team that you are no longer interested in or go to your game changer account and stop being a Fan/Follower of these teams.


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