Vote for the 2019 WGLL Board

Posted by Willow Glen Little League on Oct 16 2018 at 07:45PM PDT in Fall 2018

Seems like it’s the season to exercise your right to vote!

Although the midterm elections are coming up and every politician will be pandering for your vote, here’s one election you can be proud of…the WGLL Board of Directors! As fall ball is under way, the WGLL Board Is ready to bring you a GREAT Spring 2019 season. Every fall the league needs to vote on the following year’s board nominations. Please take 20 seconds to take this survey/place your vote. Your vote counts!

Voting closes on November 1.

Proposed 2019 Willow Glen Little League Board

  • Bill Hutton
  • David Duarte
  • Dominic Giacalone
  • Dominic Lam
  • Greg Armanino
  • Jamie Calnan
  • Jeff Kuhl
  • Jeremy Cunningham
  • Josh Baird
  • Katt Staples
  • Matt Chavez
  • Meghan Chavez
  • Mitch Tankersley
  • Scott Dyer
  • Shawn Salmons
  • Stephen Bartlinski
  • Steven James
  • Terence Fox