Under the Lights coverage on NBC

NBC Bay Area covers the Under the Lights game

Opening Day 2017

WGLL Field Set Up For Majors

This is a good reference/reminder on how to set-up the major field for a game. It takes you through the steps for ensuring our fields always look fantastic.

WGLL Opening Day Spring 2014

Quick Lineup for Opponents

Scorekeepers often receive an opposing team's Roster/Lineup only seconds before the first pitch. The GameChanger mobile app provides scorekeepers with a tool to quickly configure a generic lineup, which may then be edited as player information is gathered.

GameChanger - Community

This video tutorial walks through the process of managing your team privacy settings. The video will explore Fan relationship requests as well as admin and full stat access.

GameChanger - Scheduling Games

Coaches and Scorekeepers can schedule and prepare for games directly within the GameChanger App. Prior to the game, populate the team's roster and set your lineup. To save more time you can also enter in the roster for your saved opponents.

GameChanger - Entering Opponent Rosters

Learn how to set up an opponent's roster. If you know their roster ahead of a game and add it, we'll save it for all future games.

GameChanger - Pregame Prep

The five or ten minutes before first pitch are critical and coaches / scorekeepers are busy. We've made this pre-game prep as easy as possible.

GameChanger - Setting Up Rosters & Lineups

Once you create a team on GameChanger, the team roster and lineup can be set from both the website and scorekeeping app. Changes in one location can be synced to the other, so that you can use whichever device is more convenient to you. Check out the rest of our videos to become an expert on all GameChanger features and procedures.

GameChanger - Scoring a Practice Game

The GameChanger mobile app allows for users to enter a practice scorekeeping mode at any time. This short video tutorial will show you the various locations that this practice mode may be accessed.

GameChanger - Signing Up for GC App

After you download the application you may set up your GameChanger account, along with the teams for which you will score, from the app.