This information is specifically for players that have signed up for WGLL and is a Little League 9, 10, 11, or 12.
We are excited to start another season, and I'm reaching out with important info about Evaluation Day on the 22nd.
Please read this carefully.
What is the schedule for Evaluation Day?
Step one: please look up your child's Little League age on this chart! For example, my son is 11 right now but he's a Little League 12.
Step two: please have your child arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time for the assigned group below. Here is the schedule:
8:30 AM 

12s on Majors Field

10s on Minors Field

9:30 AM 

11s on Majors Field

10:30 AM

9s on Minors Field

Each evaluation session will last between 60-90 minutes. Please do NOT leave the field in case of an injury to your child.
Please be sure to have your child hit and play catch a bit before Evaluation Day. And please let us know if you need equipment.
What is the purpose of Evaluation Day?

For 12s, Evaluation Day helps the Majors managers prepare for the Majors draft. All 12s are drafted to a Majors team, unless the parent/guardian specifically asks to move to AAA.

For 11s, Evaluation Day helps both Majors and AAA managers prepare for their respective drafts. If an 11 is not drafted to by Majors manager, the AAA managers will then be prepared to draft that 11.

For 10s, Evaluation Day helps AAA managers prepare for the AAA draft. We strongly encourage 10s to go to AAA unless they are relatively new to baseball or took a long break from baseball.

For 9s, Evaluation Day helps AAA managers prepare for the AAA draft. Most 9s will go to AA, but we always want to have 9s on AAA too.

If my child may not end up in the division I requested, why did you collect that information?
It is helpful to know where you'd like your child to be placed. However, it is important to know the following:

For 11s: Majors is a draft-up league. In other words, an 11 may not be drafted to Majors even if you indicated that on the form. Your child would play on AAA in that case.

For 10s: This is an especially unusual year in light of the past two seasons being affected by the pandemic, and our evaluation will help determine whether your child should be at AAA or AA. If you requested AA and we think your child should go to AAA, we will call you. If you requested AAA, please know your child may not be drafted and might go to AA for another year of development.

For 9s: This is also an unusual year for 9s. Our 9s in AA last year will get a good look by the AAA managers. However, they may not be drafted to AAA. Our 9s in A last year will likely go to AA, and Evaluation Day will help confirm that.

My child is a LL 9 and I do not want him/her going to AAA. Do I need to attend Evaluation Day? 
No. We will leave your child in AA. Please reply to let me know.
Everyone else should attend Evaluation Day.
Why did you collect friend requests if AAA and Majors are draft leagues?
There is no way for us to hide that field for some divisions but not others.
What COVID protocols are we following?
Your child should be masked the entire time, due to the current omicron surge. We will also socially distance as much as possible.
In addition, everyone should bring their own equipment including a glove, helmet, bay, and cleats. If you need equipment, we are happy to provide a gift card now. Please let us know.
Equipment swap:
 Our equipment swap is scheduled for Saturday 1.22.22 10:00-11:30am. You will see a red tent with tables. Please feel free to bring your lightly used baseball equipment (bats and gloves), lightly used cleats and outgrown baseball pants. Please do not bring hats or anything else not mentioned above.
Thank you for your support as we prepare for a terrific season!
Questions? Please send us an email to