Opening Day Info

Location: Bramhall Park , Majors Baseball Field

**Please Note: Family and friends please view from designated areas all around the field (see below chart). Only managers, coaches, players, and event personnel will be allowed on the field.


Key Highlights:

  • Team Banner Contest (Judged by SJ Giants Mascot Gigante)
  • Opening Day Parade and Ceremony
  • Parade Staging Area (9:30am)
  • First Pitch by Mayor Matt Mahan
  • National Anthem by WGHS Choir
  • "Take Me Out to The Ball Game" by Majors Player Marcello Brocato
  • Team Photos
  • Free Donuts for All Players


Team Parade Staging Area:

Parade will begin sharply at 10am. We strongly encourage a 9:30am arrival time and a plan to occupy the younger kids.

Location: Meet on the grass between the basketball courts and lawn bowling.

Board members and volunteers will be there in the morning to help direct and organize the teams as shown in the chart below.


Team Photos: 

Team Photos will start at 11:15 - Photo time slots will be assigned via TeamSnap throughout the afternoon.

Location: Field of Dreams (T-Ball field)

  • Photos will be ordered online (no more paper envelopes) and shipped directly to the families (See below flyer for QR code)
  • If a family pre-orders $35+ of photo credits on or before picture day, photos will have free shipping
  • Each player will still receive a free image mate
  • The manager and one assistant coach receive a free buddy shot as well
  • Please see the attached flyer for website URL, QR code, and explanation video ("pics day" pre-pay & online orders)
Team Player Parade key
spectator key
Team Photos Key
Team Photo Info