Division Rules

Code of Conduct

Umpires are charged with ensuring a welcoming and kid-friendly environment at games:

  1. If an umpire hears/witnesses inappropriate conduct in the stands, the umpire will determine who said it and give a warning the first time. (If the umpire is a junior umpire under 18, the junior umpire should ask team manager of the team that the parent/spectator is with to be part of the warning.)
  2. If the inappropriate actions continue, the umpire shall ask the manager to join a second conversation with the parent/spectator. The parent/spectator will asked to leave the bleacher area and go to the outfield fence area. If the parent/spectator refuses to leave, the team will forced to forfeit the game.
  3. The umpire will file a report with the Umpire-in-Chief, and the matter is forwarded to the WGLL Board to be considered under Article III, Section IV of the WGLL Constitution.

The WGLL Board is charged with ensuring all families adhere to the code of conduct they agreed to during the registration process:


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