Safety Information

Incident/Injury Form

Please complete our WGLL Incident/Injury Report after an injury. If an injury may need immediate attention, please call 911.

In addition, please call our Safety Officer.

Background checks

All volunteers will need to work with our volunteer coordinator to submit your background check. We participate in Little League's partnership with JDP.

2023 WGLL Background Check Request -Click Here-

Safety Training for Coaches

In addition to attending our mandatory Coaches Meeting, all coaches must watch this training video created by our WGLL Safety Officer:

Here is the slideshow for the video in case you need to access any of the links.

Additional Requirements for Coaches

All coaches must also complete three trainings:


More information coming soon. We will gladly comply with the new CA state law.


We offer First aid and CPR certification for managers, coaches, team parents and board members every other year, starting in 2022.


If you have any questions regarding when to return to physical activity please consult your healthcare provider. SCC home isolation/quarantine guidance information for our return to team participation guidelines.

To view the 2023 safety manual please click on the link below.  

For any safety concerns please contact Jaime Laskowski, Safety Officer. Please also submit your completed training certificates to Jaime at