2023 Board of directors



Constitution (Approved 2016)

By-Laws (Updated 2022)



Board Meeting Minutes (Added Monthly)

2023 All Parent Meeting (PW: 2Kqrt5im)



President & Coaching Coordinator: Justin Christensen

(Alphabetical by title)

Advisors: Bill Hutton, Katt Staples, and Dylan Wooten-Kincart

City Liaison & Equipment Director: David Duarte

Concession Manager: Dyana Medel

Concession Purchasing Coordinator: Gabriela Vargas

Concession Volunteer Coordinator: Mary Jacobs

Field Director: Justin Jones

Juniors & Gamechanger Coordinator: Kevin Hashimoto

League Information Officer: Sean Downey

Player Agents: Lauren Stark (Majors/AAA) & Clay Woosley (AA/A/Coach Toss/Tee)

Safety Officer: Jaime Laskowski

Scheduler: Steve Settle

Secretary: Carolina Villar-Mata

Signs & Banners Director: David Gall

Special Events Director: Bethany Salmon

Sponsorship/Fundraising Manager: Jake Saber

Team Parent & Yearbook Director: Maureen Roan 

Treasurer: Magnus Momsen & Brian Tellez

Umpire-in-Chief: Henry Hoshii

Uniforms & Medals Director: Cyndi Kavanagh

Volunteer and Background Check Director: Theisha Rush

Please email Justin Christensen at wgll.christensen@gmail.com if you are interested in joining the board.