What is needed to play baseball?

  • All bats need to have a "USA Baseball" logo on them.
  • Gloves should be appropriately sized to the player.
  • Helmets are mandatory and should fit snugly so they stay on while running at full speed; face guards for them are optional.
  • Cleats are required for any player in A or above and recommended for all.
  • Boys AA or above will need to wear a cup.
  • Optional equipment is batting gloves, sliding pants, bat bags and long sleeve undershirts (no white long sleeve undershirts for pitchers please).
  • Once assigned to a team, each player will need pants, socks and a belt in the team colors.
  • The league will provide a shirt/jersey and a hat for each player.


No equipment can be shared this season so all players must have all their own equipment. If you are in need of assistance for baseball equipment due to financial reasons please let us know.

Questions? Please send us an email to info@wgll.org.